[Electronic cigarette: current overview and future perspectives].

Epidemiologia e prevenzione

PubMedID: 24986413

Caponnetto P, Alamo A, Maglia M, Saitta D, Benfatto F, Polosa R. [Electronic cigarette: current overview and future perspectives]. Epidemiol Prev. 2014;38(2):138-41.
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are experiencing a great popularity and their market has surprisingly grown in a few years. However, the rapidly evolving phenomenon is raising concerns about the safety and efficacy of these products. Opinions and information from the popular press, but also from the scientific community, are often divergent, confused, warning and sometimes purposely false, raising inconsistent doubts and disproportionate concerns for the public health. This can be easily overcome by the application of rational, plausible, evidence-based regulations for e-cigs. In this short article, we will consider the doubts, evaluate the evidence and formulate some proposals for a more equitable and balanced regulation of these products.