P431Evaluation of tpe-te interval and tpe-te/QTc ratio in patients with coronary artery ectasia.

Cardiovascular Research

PubMedID: 25020814

Karaagac K, Yontar OC, Tenekecioglu E, Vatansever F, Arican Ozluk O, Tutuncu A, Yagcioglu P, Yilmaz M. P431Evaluation of tpe-te interval and tpe-te/QTc ratio in patients with coronary artery ectasia. Cardiovasc Res. 2014;103 Suppl 1S79.
Coronary artery ectasia (CAE) is commonly defined as local or generalized dilatation of a coronary vessel up to 1,5 times the diameter of an adjacent vessel. Tp-Te interval and Tp-Te/QT ratio have emerged as a novel electrocardiographic (ECG) markers of increased dispersion of ventricular repolarization. The aim of this study was to evaluate ventricular repolarization by using Tp-Te interval and Tp-Te/QT ratio in patients with CAE.

Patient records were retrospectively analyzed. ECG of 28 patients, who were diagnosed as CAE were obtained and scanned.Tp-Te, QT and corrected QT intervals and some other ECG intervals were measured. ECGs of age and sex matched 22 healthy control individuals were also analyzed for comparison.

Baseline characteristics and QT, QTc intervals were similar in both group. Tp-Te (97,71±8,7 vs 85,23±7,1; p<0,001) and Tp-Te/QT (0,22±0,0 vs 0,20±0,0; p<0,001) were significantly worse in CAE group.

:Tp-Te is a measure of transmural dispersion of repolarization in the left ventricle and accepted as a surrogate for increased ventricular arrhythmogenesis risk. Tp-Te and Tp-Te/QT are relatively new markers which also indicate repolarization defects. Our results show that CAE patients significantly higher values of Tp-Te and Tp-Te/QT than controls. These measurements may indicate increased arrhythmogenesis risk for individuals with CAE.cardiovascres;103/suppl_1/S79-c/CHAPTERSUB75497TB1T1CHAPTERsub-75497TB1 Parameters Patients Controls p value LVEDD (mm) 45±8 43±10 0.59 LVESD (mm) 28±5 26±6 0.48 LVEF (%) 62.9±4.4 65.9±5.1 0.03 QT max 383.43±30 375.91±23 0.35 QTc max 421.32±26 409.95±18 0.09 TPe 97.71±8.7 85.23±7.1 <0.001 TPe/QT ratio 0.22±0.0 0.20±0.0 <0.001 QT disp 26.89±9.9 24.41±6.5 0.31 Echocardiographic and electrocardiographic parameters between the patient group with the control group.