Deficit of interleukin 7 in septic patients.

International immunopharmacology

PubMedID: 25169828

Andreu-Ballester JC, Cuellar C, Garcia-Ballesteros C, Pérez-Griera J, Amigó V, Peiró-Gómez A, Peñarroja-Otero C, Ballester F, Mayans J, Tormo-Calandín C. Deficit of interleukin 7 in septic patients. Int Immunopharmacol. 2014;.
We recently demonstrated an overall decrease of all aß and specially ?d T cell subsets in patients with sepsis compared with healthy subjects. IL-7 is a crucial factor for development of ?d T cells and survival in sepsis but its association with sepsis severity, evolution of organ failure and death still has not been investigated. Sera from 78 patients who met criteria for sepsis were analyzed vs control group. Septic patients showed the lowest levels of IL-7. Patients with severe sepsis reached levels of IL-7 higher than those observed in the groups of uncomplicated sepsis and septic shock. The frequency of ?d T cells at admission was lower in septic patients vs control group. At the time of admission, the frequency of ?d T cells in septic patients who subsequently died was lower than the observed in the group of patients that instead survived.