The protein antigens of peripheral nerve myelin.

Annals of Neurology

PubMedID: 6164338

Whitaker JN. The protein antigens of peripheral nerve myelin. Ann Neurol. 1981;9 Suppl56-64.
Peripheral nervous system (PNS) tissue contains a variety of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates that may serve as immunogens in proving immune responses, as antigens participating in immunological reactions, or as both types of agents. Three proteins P0, P1, and P2, account for approximately 70% of PNS myelin proteins. P0 is the major PNS myelin protein and is restricted to the PNS. P1 is similar to, if not identical with, myelin basic protein, the component of central nervous system myelin which induces experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. P2 has neuritogenic properties for inducing experimental allergic neuritis and may be involved in immune-mediated PNS myelin injury in humans. The complete amino acid sequence for P2 has recently been delineated, and its neuritogenic, immunogenic, and antigenic features can now be further characterized.