Church leaders' tobacco opinions: send materials, not money.

Journal of cultural diversity

PubMedID: 20666302

Reinert B, Carver V, Range L, Pike C. Church leaders' tobacco opinions: send materials, not money. J Cult Divers. 2010;16(2):81-5.
In addition to personnel challenges,faith-based organizations (FBOs) face tangible challenges to implementing tobacco use prevention programs, such as finding materials that fit within their mission and financial backing to support the program. The present project surveyed 71 FBO leaders about these challenges with two open-ended questions that asked what would help and hinder them from delivering a tobacco prevention program, and Likert questionnaires on advocacy, efficacy, impact, policy, burnout, and morality. On what would help them deliver a tobacco prevention program, the most common answer was materials; about half of present FBO leaders gave this answer. On what would interfere, the most common answer was nothing, with about one quarter giving this answer; and, the next most common answer was not having materials with about one sixth giving this answer. The survey was brief (2 pages), and the sample size was small (71). Having the appropriate tobacco prevention materials was clearly a concern for present, mostly African American faith-based leaders, who reported that they needed materials more than they needed money, volunteers, or other forms of assistance.