National health expenditures, 1994.

Health care financing review

PubMedID: 10158731

Levit KR, Lazenby HC, Sivarajan L, Stewart MW, Braden BR, Cowan CA, Donham CS, Long AM, McDonnell PA, Sensenig AL, Stiller JM, Won DK. National health expenditures, 1994. Health Care Financ Rev. 1996;17(3):205-42.
This article presents data on health care spending for the United States, covering expenditures for various types of medical services and products and their sources of funding from 1960 to 1994. Although these statistics for 1994 show the slowest growth in more than three decades, health spending continued to grow faster than the overall economy. The Federal Government continued to fund an increasing share of health care expenditures in 1994, offset by a falling share from out-of-pocket sources. Shares paid by State and local governments and by other private payers including private health insurance remained unchanged from 1993.