Clinical case seminar in pediatric thyroid disease.

Endocrine development

PubMedID: 25231455

Szinnai G, Léger J, Bauer AJ, Pearce EN, Ramos HE, Canalli MH, Onigata K, Elisei R, Radetti G, Polak M, Van Vliet G, Deladoëy J. Clinical case seminar in pediatric thyroid disease. Endocr Dev. 2014;26214-44.
Pediatric thyroid diseases cover a large spectrum of congenital and acquired forms, ranging from congenital primary or central hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroid disease, iodine deficiency, rare genetic defects of thyroid hormone action, metabolism and cell membrane transport to benign nodules and malignant tumors. The previous 15 papers of the textbook Paediatric Thyroidology gave a systematic overview of the current knowledge and guidelines on all these diseases. In this final paper, the authors collected a series of patient histories from their clinics illustrating frequently encountered clinical problems and providing key learning points and references to each case. Although not fully comprehensive, it aims at providing relevant clinical knowledge on thyroid diseases of the neonate, the child, and the adolescent. © 2014 S. Karger AG, Basel.