Batched analysis of genotypes.

PCR methods and applications

PubMedID: 7580926

LeDuc C, Miller P, Lichter J, PARRY P. Batched analysis of genotypes. PCR Methods Appl. 1995;4(6):331-6.
Polymorphic microsatellite markers are widely used in molecular analyses. The range of allele sizes and the allele frequencies within a population are important characteristics of the marker. Their determination previously has involved genotyping a large number of individuals. We have developed a technique for defining these characteristics by coamplification of many samples in a DNA pool. Groups of 32 and 42 DNA samples were genotyped and results were compared with those from individual genotype determinations. To improve the accuracy in the estimation of allele frequencies, arithmetic removal of stutter bands was carried out and the consistency of each marker was characterized. This approach was also applied to a group of 94 individuals. All of the work has been done using nonradioactive methods. Potential applications of this technique are in population genetics, high throughput genotyping, and loss of heterozygosity studies.