Audit of patient acceptance of nasal surgery as a day case procedure.

The British journal of clinical practice

PubMedID: 9015905

Tierney PA, Samuel D, Patel KS, Thomas DM. Audit of patient acceptance of nasal surgery as a day case procedure. Br J Clin Pract. 1997;50(7):357-9.
A greater emphasis on day case surgery within the health service is seen as a method of improving efficiency and reducing expenditure. We interviewed 90 consecutive patients undergoing nasal surgery who had been preoperatively assessed as being fit for day case surgery. They were randomised into three groups regarding the duration of postoperative nasal packing. All patients stayed overnight following surgery and were interviewed prior to discharge. Some 52% of the overall sample would be happy to have nasal surgery performed as a day case. If the nasal pack was removed after two hours, this figure rose to 67%. This difference in patient acceptance did not attain statistical significance overall, but there was a significant difference in those undergoing submucosal resection. There was no difference in the age, sex distribution or type of surgery performed between each group. The audit commission quotes patient satisfaction with day case surgery at 80%. Nasal surgery was not examined in their report, but was included as one of a set of procedures suitable for consideration. Although day case nasal surgery may be safe, further research regarding patient acceptance is required.