Macromol. Rapid commun. 18/2014.

Macromolecular rapid communications

PubMedID: 25234692

Lv Y, Zhang J, Song Y, Wang B, Wang S, Zhao S, Lv G, Ma X. Macromol. Rapid commun. 18/2014. Macromol Rapid Commun. 2014;35(18):1545.
Front Cover: A natural anionic polymer sodium alginate is applied to protect insulin from trypsin degradation in the human small intestine. Such an inhibitor can be used in all kinds of dosage forms. Its mechanism may be attributed to preventing tryptic active sites from accessing the macromolecular substrates. Further details can be found in the article by Y. Lv, J. B. Zhang, Y. Z. Song, B. Wang, S. J. Wang, S. Zhao, G. J. Lv,* and X. J. Ma* on page 1606.