Meta-analysis of QTL mapping experiments.

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)

PubMedID: 22565836

Wu XL, Hu ZL. Meta-analysis of QTL mapping experiments. Methods Mol Biol. 2012;871145-71.
Meta-analysis is an important tool for integrating information from multiple quantitative trait loci (QTLs) studies. Pooling of results from several studies allows greater statistical power for QTL detection and more precise estimation of their genetic effects. Hence, a meta-analysis can yield conclusions that are stronger than those of individual studies and can give greater insight into the genetic architecture of complex traits. In this chapter, we present basic theories and methods for meta-analysis of QTL mapping experiments. The meta-analytic procedures are described in a general context. The statistical methods cover both parametric and nonparametric statistical models. Finally, we illustrate the features of these statistical methods using simulated and real datasets.