Proteins of the group B arbovirus Kunjin.

Journal of virology

PubMedID: 4982830

Westaway EG, Reedman BM. Proteins of the group B arbovirus Kunjin. J Virol. 1969;4(5):688-93.
Purified Kunjin virus was disrupted with sodium dodecyl sulfate, urea, and mercaptoethanol or acetic acid. Electrophoresis on 7.5% polyacrylamide gel separated four proteins of high (120,000), intermediate (65,000) and low (18,000 and 13,000) molecular weights. A "core" particle was obtained by degradation of the virion with deoxycholate at 0 C; it contained the viral ribonucleic acid and the two small structural proteins. The "envelope" material released from around the core was identified with the most prominent (intermediate) protein seen in electropherograms of virion proteins. In addition to the structural proteins, at least three additional proteins (specified by virus infection) were found in the cytoplasm. The cytoplasmic proteins associated with Kunjin virus differed in their electrophoretic profile from those associated with infection by the related Murray Valley encephalitis virus.