Virally induced periosteal osteogenesis in mice.

Calcified tissue international

PubMedID: 6783270

Wlodarski K, Kobus M, Luczak M, Dolowy J. Virally induced periosteal osteogenesis in mice. Calcif Tissue Int. 1981;33(2):135-42.
Inoculation of Moloney murine sarcoma virus (M-MSV) into shank muscles of adult NMRI mice resulted in localized sarcoma and periosteal membrane proliferation with subsequent periosteal bone formation. Newly formed bone arose from outer surface of shank bones. Two weeks after M-MSV inoculation the width of bone cortex increased nearly 4 times. The spaces between newly formed bone ossicles were filled with bone marrow. In the later stages these bone marrow cavities were merged with medullar cavities. No extraskeletal bone formation was observed. The regression of M-MSV-induced sarcomas coincides with cessation of the proliferation of bone therefore allowing the maturation and rebuilding of bone. Newly formed bone was not resorbed during a 6-month observation period.