A study of the sulphur amino acids of rat tissues.

The Biochemical journal

PubMedID: 6030290

Gaull GE, Gaitonde MK. A study of the sulphur amino acids of rat tissues. Biochem J. 1967;102(1):294-303.
1. In a study of the metabolism of l-[(35)S]methionine in vivo, the labelled sulphur compounds of rat liver and brain were separated first by ion-exchange chromatography into two fractions containing (i) free sulphur amino acids such as methionine, cystathionine, cyst(e)ine and homocyst(e)ine and (ii) glutathione. 2. Two-dimensional paper chromatography with butan-1-ol-acetic acid or propionic acid-water in the first direction and 80% acetone or acetone-ethyl methyl ketone-water in the second direction was found superior to other solvent systems for separating the sulphur amino acids. 3. At 10min. after injection of [(35)S]methionine only a small part of the (35)S was found combined in free methionine or other free sulphur amino acids. 4. Evidence was obtained of the presence of adenosyl[(35)S]methionine and adenosyl[(35)S]homocysteine in perchloric acid extracts of rat liver and brain. 5. The trans-sulphuration pathway was active in brain as well as in liver.