Platelet aggregation during oral contraception.

British medical journal

PubMedID: 4186656

Poller L, Priest CM, Thomson JM. Platelet aggregation during oral contraception. Br Med J. 1969;4(5678):273-4.
Platelet aggregation has been found to be significantly accelerated with the coagulation-induced Chandler's tube technique in women taking combined oestrogen-progestin oral contraceptives, though this was less than in the third trimester of pregnancy. Women taking the pure progestogen, chlormadinone acetate, have not shown this change up to the sixth month of study. In contrast the accelerated platelet aggregation resulting from conventional oral contraception became normal one month after changing to the progestogen. There was no change in the platelet aggregation response to adenosine diphosphate (A.D.P.) during oral contraception.