[Observations on the Prune-Belly syndrome].

Zeitschrift fur Kinderheilkunde

PubMedID: 124115

Welling P, Pfeiffer RA, Kosenow W, Bliesener JA, Jones KV, Haarmeyer A. [Observations on the Prune-Belly syndrome]. Z Kinderheilkd. 1975;118(4):315-35.
5 Male children exhibiting the typical features of the Prune-Belly syndrome (malformations of the urogenital tract, aplasia of abdominal muscles) are described. Two of these are deaf. This syndrome has also been observed in a few females. Final interpretation of the cause and pathogenesis cannot yet be given. In two siblings with defects of the abdominal muscles an contractures of the joints, but without renal anomalies, a new and hitherto undescribed hereditary syndrome seems to be present.