Hypopharyngeal hemangioma in an adult: A case report.

Ear, nose, & throat journal

PubMedID: 25397385

Reder L, Verma S, Kokot N. Hypopharyngeal hemangioma in an adult: A case report. Ear Nose Throat J. 2014;93(10-11):E26-E28.
Hemangiomas of the postcricoid region have been reported almost exclusively in infants and young children. Our adult patient with symptoms of dysphagia and weight loss underwent transoral CO2 laser microsurgery of a postcricoid mass, and final pathologic examination confirmed the presence of a hemangioma. She is doing well after surgery, with an excellent voice, resolution of dysphagia, and no evidence of recurrence. There have been few cases of hypopharyngeal hemangioma in the adult population; to our knowledge, there have been no reports in the English-language literature of adult patients diagnosed specifically with a postcricoid hemangioma. Otolaryngologists should be familiar with the presentation and treatment of this unusual entity.