Biosafe Nanoscale Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Materials.

Journal of biomedical nanotechnology

PubMedID: 25429253

Jin S, Li S, Wang C, Liu J, Yang X, Wang PC, Zhang X, Liang XJ. Biosafe Nanoscale Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Materials. J Biomed Nanotechnol. 2014;10(9):2393-2419.
Thanks to developments in the field of nanotechnology over the past decades, more and more biosafe nanoscale materials have become available for use as pharmaceutical adjuvants in medical research. Nanomaterials possess unique properties which could be employed to develop drug carriers with longer circulation time, higher loading capacity, better stability in physiological conditions, controlled drug release, and targeted drug delivery. In this review article, we will review recent progress in the application of representative organic, inorganic and hybrid biosafe nanoscale materials in pharmaceutical research, especially focusing on nanomaterial-based novel drug delivery systems. In addition, we briefly discuss the advantages and notable functions that make these nanomaterials suitable for the design of new medicines; the biosafety of each material discussed in this article is also highlighted to provide a comprehensive understanding of their adjuvant attributes.