Smart stress management system for media and arts employees.

Studies in health technology and informatics

PubMedID: 25488234

Kaklauskas A, Kovachec L, Safonov A, Paliskiene R, Bartkiene L, Jackute I. Smart stress management system for media and arts employees. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014;207280-9.
As the tempo of contemporary life quickens along with the increasing rates of competition on the art and media market, uncertainty about the future and continual demands for greater competency, the risk of experiencing stress unavoidably rises. Stress is the physiological and psychological state of tension in a person caused by external and internal irritants called stressors. Stress is a natural reaction of an organism to internal as well as external, positive as well as negative stimuli. Stress frequently manifests in our lives and it stimulates action, inventiveness and creativity. However, long-lasting, uncontrolled stress exhausts the psyche and the immune system of an organism and it can cause various illnesses. To manage stress, a Smart Stress Management System for Media and Arts Employees was developed by the authors of this paper.