The Role of Telemedicine in Pediatric Critical Care.

Critical care clinics

PubMedID: 25814454

Ellenby MS, Marcin JP. The Role of Telemedicine in Pediatric Critical Care. Crit Care Clin. 2015;31(2):275-290.
Telemedicine technologies involve real-time, live, interactive video and audio communication and allow pediatric critical care physicians to have a virtual presence at the bedsides of critically ill children. Telemedicine use is increasing and will be a common in remote emergency departments, inpatient wards, and intensive care units for pediatric care. Hospitals and physicians that use telemedicine technologies provide higher quality of care, are more efficient in resource use with improved cost-effectiveness, and have higher satisfaction among patients, parents, and remote providers. More research will result in improved access to pediatric critical care expertise.