A review of noncarious dental cervical lesions.

Compendium (Newtown, Pa.)

PubMedID: 7758024

Gallien GS, Kaplan I, Owens BM. A review of noncarious dental cervical lesions. Compendium. 1994;15(11):1366, 1368-72, 1374; quiz 1374.
Noncarious dental cervical lesions are categorized as abrasions, attritions, erosions, or abfractions. From these destructive processes, hypersensitive dentin is a common sequela experienced by the dental patient. Cold air and tactile probing are among the stimuli that precipitate this reaction. A complete patient history and clinical evaluation are essential for an accurate diagnosis. Treatment measures for hypersensitive dentin include restoring the lesion with composite resin or glass-ionomer material, the application of dentin bonding agents and/or fluoride, and iontophoresis therapy.