In Vitro Meat: A Future Animal-Free Harvest.

Critical reviews in food science and nutrition

PubMedID: 25942290

Bhat ZF, Kumar S, Bhat HF. In Vitro Meat: A Future Animal-Free Harvest. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2015;0.
In vitro meat production is a novel idea of producing meat without involving animals with the help of tissue engineering techniques. This biofabrication of complex living products by using various bioengineering techniques is a potential solution to reduce the ill effects of current meat production systems and can dramatically transform traditional animal-based agriculture by inventing 'animal-free' meat and meat products. Nutrition-related diseases, food borne illnesses, resource use and pollution, and use of farm animals are some serious consequences associated with conventional meat production methods. This new way of animal-free meat production may offer health and environmental advantages by reducing environmental pollution and resource use associated with current meat production systems and will also ensure sustainable production of designer, chemically safe and disease free meat as the conditions in an in vitro meat production system are controllable and manipulatable. Theoretically, this system is believed to be efficient enough to supply the global demand for meat, however, establishment of a sustainable in vitro meat production would face considerably greater technical challenges and a great deal of research is still needed to establish this animal-free meat culturing system on an industrial scale.