Innovative oxidation methods in fine chemicals synthesis.

Current opinion in drug discovery & development

PubMedID: 12478730

Poechlauer P, Skranc W. Innovative oxidation methods in fine chemicals synthesis. Curr Opin Drug Discov Devel. 2002;5(6):1000-8.
Oxidation reactions are key steps of the synthetic pathway of chemicals, from the source, crude oil, to the ever more complicated products of the fine chemicals industry. Catalytic processes appear to be best suited to accommodate the new conditions of fine chemicals synthesis, i. e. , short development time, increasing concerns about waste streams and economic pressure to use raw materials. Among various developments in oxidation chemistry, fine-tuning the reactivity of common oxidants, expanding the application of 'new' oxidants, new transformations by combination of known reagents, innovative application of oxidation reactions in multi-step synthesis, the use of new reaction media and new developments in bio-oxidations constitute the main research areas. This review could be defined as a 'spotlight' approach, pointing to significant findings in these different areas rather than giving an overview, and focusing on findings that show where progress could be made.