Liquid metal nanodroplet dynamics inside nanocontainers.

Scientific reports

PubMedID: 24005021

Jung HY, Chun H, Park S, Kang SH, Ahn CW, Kwon YK, Upmanyu M, Ajayan PM, Jung YJ. Liquid metal nanodroplet dynamics inside nanocontainers. Sci Rep. 2013;32588.
Here we report direct observations of spatial movements of nanodroplets of Pb metal trapped inside sealed carbon nanocontainers. We find drastic changes in the mobility of the liquid droplets as the particle size increases from a few to a few ten nanometers. In open containers the droplet becomes immobile and readily evaporates to the vacuum environment. The particle mobility strongly depends on confinement, particle size, and wetting on the enclosed surface. The collisions between droplets increase mobility but the tendency is reversed if collisions lead to droplet coalescence. The dynamics of confined nanodroplets could provide new insights into the activity of nanostructures in spatially constrained geometries.