Development of splenic surgery in China.

Frontiers of medicine in China

PubMedID: 24557663

Jiang H, Zhao X, Gao Y. Development of splenic surgery in China. Front Med China. 2007;1(2):126-9.
Splenic surgery has enjoyed rapid progress for the past decades in China. Based on continuously solidifying theories and clinical practice, many advanced concepts with applicable clinical frameworks have been established, thus making splenic surgery an indispensable division in modern surgery. In this study, the authors try to give an overview of the developments in this field. Spleen function is a key issue that generally guides advances in splenic surgery. The old knowledge of the "dispensable spleen" has been abandoned, while the exact role that it plays in the body continues to be unveiled. Now, standard grading for splenic injury and the respective guidelines for clinical management have been established, with the use of selective instead of indiscriminate splenectomy being accepted by most experts. Various spleen sparing operations have been developed, while many advanced techniques such as laparoscopy have been introduced to splenic surgery. Spleen transplantation has greatly advanced in China, even though there are still many unsolved mysteries in this field. Altogether, splenic surgery is a new and prosperous discipline, and it is a tremendous stage for young surgeons to be part of.