Management of laryngomalacia.

European annals of otorhinolaryngology, head and neck diseases

PubMedID: 22835508

Ayari S, Aubertin G, Girschig H, Van Den Abbeele T, Denoyelle F, Couloignier V, Mondain M. Management of laryngomalacia. Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis. 2013;130(1):15-21.
Laryngomalacia is the most common laryngeal disease of infancy. It is poorly tolerated in 10% of cases, requiring assessment and management, generally surgical. Surgery often consists of supraglottoplasty, for which a large number of technical variants have been described. This surgery, performed in an appropriate setting, relieves the symptoms in the great majority of cases with low morbidity. However, few data are available concerning the objective results: preoperative and postoperative objective assessment of these infants is therefore necessary whenever possible. Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) may be indicated in some infants with comorbid conditions or failing to respond to surgical management.