A new minimally invasive treatment for anal fistula.

Frontiers of medicine

PubMedID: 25238933

Zhu R, Shen L, Wang C, Yang Y, Chen R, Fang H, Xu X. A new minimally invasive treatment for anal fistula. Front Med. 2015;9(1):77-81.
In colorectal surgery, eradicating the fistula and maintaining continence are still complex challenges for a colorectal surgeon. A minimally invasive method using a novel device was performed to consecutively treat 14 patients with anal fistula from August 2008 to November 2009. After a follow-up period of 36 months, 13 patients achieved successful closure of their fistula tracts, and recurrence occurred only in one patient. Recurrence was due to the delay of dressing change. No patient had interference with continence, and no major intra- and postoperative complications were identified. Using the novel device with invasive methods can be a promising alternative for managing anal fistulas.