Sirtuins, aging, and cardiovascular risks.

Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

PubMedID: 26099749

Favero G, Franceschetti L, Rodella LF, Rezzani R. Sirtuins, aging, and cardiovascular risks. Age (Dordr). 2015;37(4):9804.
The sirtuins comprise a highly conserved family proteins present in virtually all species from bacteria to mammals. Sirtuins are members of the highly conserved class III histone deacetylases, and seven sirtuin genes (sirtuins 1-7) have been identified and characterized in mammals. Sirtuin activity is linked to metabolic control, apoptosis, cell survival, development, inflammation, and healthy aging. In this review, we summarize and discuss the potential mutual relations between each sirtuin and cardiovascular health and the impact of sirtuins on oxidative stress and so age-related cardiovascular disorders, underlining the possibility that sirtuins will be novel targets to contrast cardiovascular risks induced by aging.