Mário Magalhães: Development is Health.

Ciencia & saude coletiva

PubMedID: 26221810

Escorel S. Mário Magalhães: Development is Health. Cien Saude Colet. 2015;20(8):2453-2460.
Mário Magalhães da Silveira (1905-1986) was the main mentor of the school of thought known as "developmental public health" whose influence peaked at the III National Health Assembly. A critic of the adoption of North American models of public health organization, of the centralism and vertical organization of public health campaigns and the interference of international bodies, the public health doctor held the view that as health is a problem of superstructure, it depends on industrial economic development. He also defended the urgent need to municipalize public health in order to attend to the real needs of the Brazilian population. A pioneer of the intermingling of economic and demographic variables, he may be seen as a predecessor of the health economy discipline. The article describes the professional path of Mário Magalhães as a backdrop to his critical thinking on specific national situations and the health policies adopted.