The Polisemy of Clinical Governance: a review of literature.

Ciencia & saude coletiva

PubMedID: 26221808

Gomes R, Lima VV, Oliveira JM, Schiesari LM, Soeiro E, Damázio LF, Petta HL, Oliveira MS, Silva SF, Sampaio SF, Padilha RQ, Machado JL, Caleman G. The Polisemy of Clinical Governance: a review of literature. Cien Saude Colet. 2015;20(8):2431-2439.
The article aims to explore the concept of clinical management, with a view towards understanding the diverse meanings that could be attributed to that expression. This discussion can contribute to the planning and organization of health services geared to the management of clinical practices, as well as to set forth principles to draft actions in that field. Methodologically, the study consists of a qualitative literature review, using keywords of the Virtual Health Library (VHL). In terms of results, seven topics stand out that synthesize the analysis of sources: management, quality promotion, clinical monitoring or auditing, education, responsibility or accountability, safety in care and a systemic dimension. The conclusion is that the variation of meanings relates to the way in which the authors of the studies reviewed express or unfold the structuring conceptual components broadly accepted as clinical governance. What we observe is a lack of a greater focus on discussions regarding planning and policies relating to clinical governance.