Does a Favor Request Increase Liking Toward the Requester?

The Journal of social psychology

PubMedID: 26392141

Niiya Y. Does a Favor Request Increase Liking Toward the Requester?. J Soc Psychol. 2016;.
Although a request for help can impose a burden on the provider and has the potential of harming a relationship, the theory of amae suggests that in fact it could help promote a stronger relationship. In an experiment, both Japanese and American participants who were asked for help from a confederate increased their liking of the confederate relative to the baseline. Sociable impression of the confederate and perceived closeness of the relationship also increased relative to the baseline. There was, however, no such increase when participants helped the confederate without receiving a direct request. This study suggests that despite the potential risks to relationships, asking favors can provide opportunities for requesters to build and promote relationships.