Imaging Evaluation of Superior Labral Anteroposterior (SLAP) Tears.

American journal of orthopedics (Belle Mead, N.J.)

PubMedID: 26447410

Grubin J, Maderazo A, Fitzpatrick D. Imaging Evaluation of Superior Labral Anteroposterior (SLAP) Tears. Am J Orthop. 2015;44(10):476-7.
Superior labral anteroposterior (SLAP) tears are common injuries that are best evaluated with magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA), as it provides the most detailed evaluation of the bicipital labral complex. Given the variety and complexity of SLAP tears, distention of the joint with intra-articular dilute gadolinium contrast properly separates the intra-articular biceps tendon, superior labrum, glenoid cartilage and glenohumeral ligaments to optimize assessment of these structures. This allows for increased diagnostic confidence of the interpreting radiologist and provides a better road map for the surgeon prior to arthroscopy. Indirect MRA and high-field magnetic resonance imaging are sensitive and specific alternative modalities if MRA cannot be performed.