MIPCE: An MI-based protein complex extraction technique.

Journal of biosciences

PubMedID: 26564972

Mahanta P, Bhattacharyya DK, Ghosh A. MIPCE: An MI-based protein complex extraction technique. J Biosci. 2015;40(4):701-8.
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks are believed to be important sources of information related to biological processes and complex metabolic functions of the cell. Identifying protein complexes is of great importance for understanding cellular organization and functions of organisms. In this work, a method is proposed, referred to as MIPCE, to find protein complexes in a PPI network based on mutual information. MIPCE has been biologically validated by GO-based score and satisfactory results have been obtained. We have also compared our method with some wellknown methods and obtained better results in terms of various parameters such as precession, recall and F-measure.