Magnetic Ordering-Induced Multiferroic Behavior in [CH3NH3][Co(HCOO)3] Metal-Organic Framework.

Journal of the American Chemical Society

PubMedID: 26717023

Gómez-Aguirre LC, Pato-Doldán B, Mira J, Castro-García S, Señaris-Rodriguez MA, Sánchez-Andújar M, Singleton J, Zapf VS. Magnetic Ordering-Induced Multiferroic Behavior in [CH3NH3][Co(HCOO)3] Metal-Organic Framework. J Am Chem Soc. 2016;.
We present the first example of magnetic ordering-induced multiferroic behavior in a metal-organic framework magnet. This compound is [CH3NH3][Co(HCOO)3] with a perovskite-like structure. The A-site [CH3NH3](+) cation strongly distorts the framework, allowing anisotropic magnetic and electric behavior and coupling between them to occur. This material is a spin canted antiferromagnet below 15. 9 K with a weak ferromagnetic component attributable to Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interactions and experiences a discontinuous hysteretic magnetic-field-induced switching along [010] and a more continuous hysteresis along [101]. Coupling between the magnetic and electric order is resolved when the field is applied along this [101]: a spin rearrangement occurs at a critical magnetic field in the ac plane that induces a change in the electric polarization along [101] and [10-1]. The electric polarization exhibits an unusual memory effect, as it remembers the direction of the previous two magnetic-field pulses applied. The data are consistent with an inverse-DM mechanism for multiferroic behavior.