The past and present of blast injury research in hina.

Chinese journal of traumatology = Zhonghua chuang shang za zhi / Chinese Medical Association

PubMedID: 26764539

Zhao Y, Zhou YG. The past and present of blast injury research in hina. Chin J Traumatol. 2015;18(4):194-200.
With the increasing incidence of blast injury, the research on its mechanisms and protective measures draws more and more attention. Blast injury has many characteristics different from general war injuries or trauma. For example, soldiers often have various degrees of visceral injury without significant surface damage, combined injuries and arterial air embolism. Researchers in China began to investigate blast injury later than the United States and Sweden, but the development is so fast that lots of achievements have been gained, including the development of biological shock tube, the mechanisms and characteristics of blast injury in various organs, as well as protective measures under special environments. This article reviews the past and current situation of blast injury research in China.