Patient adherence to burn care: A systematic review of the literature.

Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries

PubMedID: 26777450

Szabo MM, Urich MA, Duncan CL, Aballay AM. Patient adherence to burn care: A systematic review of the literature. Burns. 2016;.
Few studies have been conducted on treatment adherence to burn care. Given the prevalence of burn injuries across the lifespan and the impact of proper burn care on associated morbidity, it is important to understand factors associated with regimen non-adherence in this population. The purpose of this paper is to summarize and critique all published literature on patient adherence to burn care.

With no restriction on publication date, 13 relevant articles met the following inclusion criteria: (a) utilized a sample of patients who sustained a burn injury or their medical staff; (b) focused on treatment or healthcare adherence of the patient (e.g., adherence to pressure garment therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, diet, dressing changes, or sunscreen use); and (c) publication written or translated into English.

Most studies (70%) used a correlational design, while only four studies used an experimental design (either longitudinal or single subject) to assess adherence to burn care treatment. Current research suggests that burn treatment characteristics, knowledge, and beliefs are associated with adherence to burn care regimens.

Given that adherence may vary as a function of different factors, future research should assess pediatric burn patients as a separate population, as well as investigate adherence to multiple aspects of the burn care regimen. To enhance adherence to burn care, healthcare providers should educate their patients on various treatment components and tailor these components to meet patients' goals and needs, as feasible.