Multidomain Skyrmion Lattice State in Cu2OSeO3.

Nano letters

PubMedID: 27070961

Zhang SL, Bauer A, Burn DM, Milde P, Neuber E, Eng LM, Berger H, Pfleiderer C, van der Laan G, Hesjedal T. Multidomain Skyrmion Lattice State in Cu2OSeO3. Nano Lett. 2016;.
Magnetic skyrmions in chiral magnets are nanoscale, topologically protected magnetization swirls that are promising candidates for spintronics memory carriers. Therefore, observing and manipulating the skyrmion state on the surface level of the materials are of great importance for future applications. Here, we report a controlled way of creating a multidomain skyrmion state near the surface of a Cu2OSeO3 single crystal, observed by soft resonant elastic X-ray scattering. This technique is an ideal tool to probe the magnetic order at the L3 edge of 3d metal compounds giving an average depth sensitivity of ~50 nm. The single-domain 6-fold-symmetric skyrmion lattice can be broken up into domains, overcoming the propagation directions imposed by the cubic anisotropy by applying the magnetic field in directions deviating from the major cubic axes. Our findings open the door to a new way to manipulate and engineer the skyrmion state locally on the surface or on the level of individual skyrmions, which will enable applications in the future.