[Workplace violence in Latin America: A review of the scientific evidence].

Vertex (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

PubMedID: 27089166

Ansoleaga E, Gómez-Rubio C, Mauro A. [Workplace violence in Latin America: A review of the scientific evidence]. Vertex. 2016;26(124):444-52.
Workplace Violence has acquired social relevance given the evidence regarding there its health consequences. Has identified various effects such as mood disorders and sleep disorders, hostility, isolation, insecurity, among others.

To describe and analyze scientific evidence published on workplace violence in studies in Latin American countries between 2009 and 2014.

A descriptive and quantitative study. A search was made on the basis of Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost) Academic Source Premier, PSICODOC, Scielo.org, JSTOR and SCOPUS. And indexed empirical studies were considered.

We worked with 46 selected articles. The studies showed a higher amount of psychological violence at work, with a potential risk in women and health professionals. Also, the analysis categories were the most reported behaviors that express violence, health implications and facilitators.

The literature on the study of workplace violence in Latin America is recent. Items are descriptive, interpretative studies with insufficient or analytical nature. Health personnel, particularly women, have conditions of vulnerability, with relevance with regard to sexual harassment, wage inequality and bullying.