Likars'ka sprava / Ministerstvo okhorony zdorov'ia Ukrainy

PubMedID: 27089708

Belovol AN, Knyazkova II, Kuzmonova NV. [OSTEOPOROSIS IN PREMENOPAUSAL WOMEN]. Lik Sprava. 2016;(5-6):3-8.
Osteoporosis (OP) is a major public health concern that affects millions of women around the world. For many years, OP are among the most common diseases occurring inthe elderly. However, certain parts in the age structure of the disease are persons younger. The rising prevalence of OP is huge damage to human health due to an increase in morbidity and mortality associated with fractures. In this article are discussed OP risk factors, the most frequently detected in young women, knowledge of which will enable patients and training activities on preventing the development of OP.