Effects of Isha Hatha Yoga on Core Stability and Standing Balance.

Advances in mind-body medicine

PubMedID: 27250211

Kumar S, Prasad S, Balakrishnan B, Muthukumaraswamy K, Ganesan M. Effects of Isha Hatha Yoga on Core Stability and Standing Balance. Adv Mind Body Med. 2016;30(2):4-10.
• Isha Hatha yoga is a form of yoga practice that practitioners claim can improve health.Gaining a scientific understanding of its effects on health is a crucial step in claiming health benefits.

• The study intended to investigate the effects of Isha Hatha yoga on core stability and standing balance in healthy volunteers.

• The research team designed a quasiexperimental study.

• The setting was at Isha Yoga Center at Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, India.

• Participants were individuals registered for a residential program providing training in Isha Hatha yoga at the Isha Yoga Center.

• The training consisted of 21 d of training in Isha Hatha yoga, including Upa yoga, Surya Kriya, Angamardhana, Bhuta Suddhi, and asanas.

• The single-leg stork test and the plank test were conducted before and after the training.

• Significant increases occurred in the standing-stork test scores on the right (P =.014) and left (P =. 033) sides and in the plank test scores (P <. 001).

• The current study concluded that healthy volunteers who underwent 21 d of training in Isha Hatha yoga showed significant improvements in core strength and balance.