[Emerging arboviruses].

Revue medicale suisse

PubMedID: 27323483

Schaller A, Moulin E, Cherpillod P, Kaiser L, de Vallière S, Boillat-Blanco N. [Emerging arboviruses]. Rev Med Suisse. 2016;12(517):889-94.
Many arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) underwent a dramatic geographic expansion over the last few years, following the spread of their vectors. It is the case for dengue, currently endemic in most tropical regions, for chikungunya and Zika viruses, which propagated rapidly over a considerable territory. West Nile is one of the most broadly distributed arboviruses in the world. The clinical presentation of these viral infections is non-specific (fever, arthralgia, headache, rash). For travelers presenting with fever within 15 days after returning from an endemic area, laboratory tests can distinguish them. The management is essentially supportive but a specific diagnosis might be important in anticipating possible complications and in decreasing the number of laboratory tests often offered in the case of fever of unknown origin.