Psychometric properties of a Mental Health Team Development Audit Tool.

Journal of mental health (Abingdon, England)

PubMedID: 23343047

Roncalli S, Byrne M, Onyett S. Psychometric properties of a Mental Health Team Development Audit Tool. J Ment Health. 2013;22(1):51-9.
To assist in improving team working in Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs), the Mental Health Commission formulated a user-friendly but yet-to-be validated 25-item Mental Health Team Development Audit Tool (MHDAT).

The present study aims to examine the psychometric properties of the MHDAT.

Based on a sample of clinical psychologists (n ?=? 77) with experience of working in CMHTs, reliability of the MHDAT was explored by means of Cronbach's alpha, intraclass correlation and inter-rater correlation, followed by analysis of face validity, distribution of the total scores, frequency distributions for each item and missing values. In order to identify possible MHDAT subscales, explorative factor analysis with orthogonal and oblique rotation was performed.

The MHDAT demonstrated good face validity and internal reliability. Three internally consistent subscales were identified. Cut-off points for level of perceived team working were defined.

The MHDAT meets the criteria for a comprehensive measure of perceived team working in CMHTs. Its use in a team may be repeated at different stages and would be particularly fruitful in moments of transition or review within a team.