Death in patients with tuberculosis and diabetes: Associated factors.

Diabetes research and clinical practice

PubMedID: 27525367

Dos Santos Feltrin AF, Vendramini SH, Neto FC, de Vechi Correa AP, Werneck AL, Dos Santos Sasaki NS, de Lourdes Sperli Geraldes Santos M. Death in patients with tuberculosis and diabetes: Associated factors. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2016;120111-116.
Identify factors associated with death in patients with tuberculosis and diabetes.

The descriptive - analytic epidemiologic study using secondary data of tuberculosis cases reported in TBWEB from 1996 to 2014 is used. The profile analysis of the variables in relation to death controlled by the cure of the patients was performed by the software R, the independent variables that could be associated with the dependent variable in a 20% significance level, using the chi-square test. The analysis was performed on an unconditional logistic regression model. Odds ratio (OR) adjusted measures were obtained in order to evaluate the strength of association between independent variables.

Looking into the database TBWEB, from 1996 to 2014, 5361 cases of TB were reported, and from these cases, 4447 contained information about the closure and were complete. Patients with TB and DM represented 306 cases (6.35%). In relation to death, protective factors were: diabetes with OR: 0.69; follow up received during the treatment of medium and high complexity services, with OR: 0.51 and the other type with OR: 0.56.

Diabetes appeared as a protective factor for death in patients with tuberculosis in this study. The development of studies like this allows the expansion of knowledge on the TB-DM association.