Development and validation of the dietary sodium reduction self-care agency scale.

Research in gerontological nursing

PubMedID: 23330942

Smith P, Phillips KD. Development and validation of the dietary sodium reduction self-care agency scale. Res Gerontol Nurs. 2013;6(2):139-47.
A scale did not exist for measuring the capability or self-care agency of lowering salt consumption in older adults with hypertension. Therefore, our objectives were to develop and validate the Dietary Sodium Reduction Self-Care Agency Scale (DSR-SCA Scale). A 24-item scale was developed and tested in 242 older adults with hypertension. Exploratory factor analysis using principal components extraction, Rasch analysis, and internal consistency reliability were used to evaluate the DSR-SCA Scale. Principal components extraction with Promax rotation was used. An 11-item DSR-SCA Scale with three factor loadings, which measure proficiency, persuasiveness, and resourcefulness, was finalized after it was found to meet the criteria of a minimal factor loading of 0.40, with eigenvalues of 2.20, 1.73, and 1.64, respectively. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin was 0.80, and Bartlett's test was significant, ?(2) (df = 55) 403.71, p < 0.0001. The measures accounted for 51% of the total variance. Item infit and outfit mean square ranged from 0.88 to 1.18 and the infit and outfit standardized mean square was -1.8 to 1.7. The 11-item scale demonstrated internal consistency with a Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.73 for the total scale. The results showed that the DSR-SCA Scale consisted of three factors that have adequate construct validity and reliability to measure power components and enabling capability related to Orem's self-care theory. This scale is brief, easy-to-complete, and useful for measuring salt reduction self-care agency in older adults with hypertension