Pyodermatitis vegetans of the vulva.


PubMedID: 27617602

Carvalho S, Sanches M, Alves R, Selores M. Pyodermatitis vegetans of the vulva. Dermatol Online J. 2016;22(6):.
Pyodermatitis vegetans (PV) is a rare inflammatory dermatosis of unknown etiology and difficult diagnosis characterized by vesiculopustular, exudative, and vegetating plaques usually localized in the axillary, genital, and oral region. It bears similarities to pemphigus vegetans but clinical history, histology, and immunofluorescence help confirm the diagnosis. Pyodermatitis vegetans is often associated with an underlying gastrointestinal disorder, especially ulcerative colitis. No standardized treatment plan is available for PV. Its evolution tends to follow the progression of the underlying disorder. We report a patient with vulvar PV with good response to systemic antibiotics and corticosteroids.