Pink Spot - Literature Review and Case Report.

The Journal of clinical pediatric dentistry

PubMedID: 27617374

Petel R, Fuks A. Pink Spot - Literature Review and Case Report. J Clin Pediatr Dent. 2016;40(5):353-5.
Pink spots in teeth were first described by Mummery in 1920, and were related to resorption. Resorption is a pathologic process that often eludes the clinician with its varied etiologic factors and diverse clinical presentations. Resorption can be generally classified as internal and external resorption. Internal resorption has been described as a rare occurrence as compared to external resorption.

This article describes a pink spot that was diagnosed as a progressing resorption process. Early diagnosis enabled a successful management of the lesion.

Early diagnosis and treatment of an internal resorption, clinically seen as a pink spot, in a primary central incisor may prevent its fast progress and subsequent loss.