Revolutionary and evolutionary change in emergency management.

Journal of business continuity & emergency planning

PubMedID: 20378495

McEntire DA. Revolutionary and evolutionary change in emergency management. J Bus Contin Emer Plan. 2009;4(1):69-85.
The following paper acknowledges that disasters are on the rise and asserts that more must be done to counter their causes and minimise their adverse consequences. It reviews proposed shifts in thinking and suggests that recommendations to meet future challenges must be based on sound assumptions. The central finding of this study is that significant change in emergency management is needed, but may not be easily achieved because of numerous barriers that are inherent to the disaster problem. As such, preparedness measures and response operations will always be needed in spite of, and in addition to, further mitigation activities. Progress is therefore both likely and advantageous as long as emergency management policy is built on--but goes much further than--historical efforts.