Metal artifact reduction through MVCBCT and kVCT in radiotherapy.

Scientific reports

PubMedID: 27869185

Liugang G, Hongfei S, Xinye N, Mingming F, Zheng C, Tao L. Metal artifact reduction through MVCBCT and kVCT in radiotherapy. Sci Rep. 2016;637608.
This study proposes a new method for removal of metal artifacts from megavoltage cone beam computed tomography (MVCBCT) and kilovoltage CT (kVCT) images. Both images were combined to obtain prior image, which was forward projected to obtain surrogate data and replace metal trace in the uncorrected kVCT image. The corrected image was then reconstructed through filtered back projection. A similar radiotherapy plan was designed using the theoretical CT image, the uncorrected kVCT image, and the corrected image. The corrected images removed most metal artifacts, and the CT values were accurate. The corrected image also distinguished the hollow circular hole at the center of the metal. The uncorrected kVCT image did not display the internal structure of the metal, and the hole was misclassified as metal portion. Dose distribution calculated based on the corrected image was similar to that based on the theoretical CT image. The calculated dose distribution also evidently differed between the uncorrected kVCT image and the theoretical CT image. The use of the combined kVCT and MVCBCT to obtain the prior image can distinctly improve the quality of CT images containing large metal implants.