[Advances in the research of burn pain].

Zhonghua shao shang za zhi = Zhonghua shaoshang zazhi = Chinese journal of burns

PubMedID: 28103996

Yang CL, Wei ZR. [Advances in the research of burn pain]. Zhonghua Shao Shang Za Zhi. 2017;33(1):61-64.
Burn pain starts immediately after burn and may last through the whole course of treatment, and it even may accompany patients with deep burn in the phase of scar formation. Burn pain makes patients anxious for a long period of time, thus seriously lowers life quality of them. In recent years, researchers at home and abroad have had new understanding for ideas of treating burn pain, and reports about the treatment of burn pain have been growing. At present, attention to and knowledge about burn pain are far from enough in clinic. There is a long way to go for further improving the treatment level of burn pain and changing ideas about treating it. This article reviews the clarification, the mechanism, the method of assessment, and therapy of burn pain.