The suppression of apoptosis by a-herpesvirus.

Cell death & disease

PubMedID: 28406478

You Y, Cheng AC, Wang MS, Jia RY, Sun KF, Yang Q, Wu Y, Zhu D, Chen S, Liu MF, Zhao XX, Chen XY. The suppression of apoptosis by a-herpesvirus. Cell Death Dis. 2017;8(4):e2749.
Apoptosis, an important innate immune mechanism that eliminates pathogen-infected cells, is primarily triggered by two signalling pathways: the death receptor pathway and the mitochondria-mediated pathway. However, many viruses have evolved various strategies to suppress apoptosis by encoding anti-apoptotic factors or regulating apoptotic signalling pathways, which promote viral propagation and evasion of the host defence. During its life cycle, a-herpesvirus utilizes an elegant multifarious anti-apoptotic strategy to suppress programmed cell death. This progress article primarily focuses on the current understanding of the apoptosis-inhibition mechanisms of a-herpesvirus anti-apoptotic genes and their expression products and discusses future directions, including how the anti-apoptotic function of herpesvirus could be targeted therapeutically.